Uni-ram Aqua Kleen Paint Gun Cleaner Concentrate - 102-8200

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Uni-ram Aqua Kleen Paint Gun Cleaner Concentrate - 102-8200

AQUA-KLEEN PGC is used with a manual or automatic spray gun cleaner to effectively wash waterborne paint from spray guns. Mix 1 container of AQUA-KLEEN PGC concentrate with 5 gal (20 L) of water.


• Spray guns clean faster with AQUA-KLEEN PGC. The non-corrosive cleaning solution effectively cuts and dissolves paint enhancing the cleaning power of water and significantly reducing the cleaning effort.

• Productivity increases as the cleaning power of the AQUA-KLEEN PGC solution lasts much longer than water alone. Many shops effectively clean spray guns with the same solution for 3 months or more before reclaiming or replacing the solution.

• When dirty the AQUA-KLEEN PGC solution can be reclaimed for reuse using Uni-ram's COAG-KLEEN FP flocculant powder and filter system.

• AQUA-KLEEN PGC is shipped as a concentrate not a solution; light weight and compact size results in lower freight costs.

• When mixed as directed, VOC content is 25 grams or less per L; thereby compliant with SCAQMD rule 102/ 1171 in California.

• Rust inhibiting