TITANIUM Professional Hydraulics - 770-TURBO Foot Pump - TPH-770-TURBO

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The Titanium Professional Hydraulics 770-TURBO Foot Pump boasts an aluminum housing with extruded all aluminum block, providing corrosion resistance and saving 5 lbs. in weight. The 770-TURBO also features anticorrosion aluminum cylinder sleeves and pistons with Teflon seals, providing better heat absorption with less friction. No plastic parts to cause leaks and breakdown that leads to unwanted frame machine downtime, costing you valuable time and money. Faster and stronger than the three leading competitors.


  • ¼ NPT air inlet. Pump operates on 90-145 PSI (90+ minimum)
  • 3/8 NPT oil output, safely builds to 10,000 pounds quickly with built in safety overload pump saver
  • Oil flow / delivery: 7.6 inches per minute (W/load) 49.5 inches per minute (W/O load)
  • Reservoir capacity: ½ gallon (AW-32 oil)
  • Use able oil 98 cubic inches (suitable for all 10 ton rams, frame and body work)
  • Release lock plate so operator can release and remove foot as release / return takes effect
  • 3 pedal functions: Apply pressure, Hold Pressure, Release pressure
  • Net Weight : 18 pounds (with oil)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quiet smooth operation, large air muffler for low operating noise.
  • Unit fully rebuildable
  • Corrosion resistant plated springs
  • Larger air vent means less clogging as compared to the competition
  • Tray attachment inserts on base
  • Upgrade from the TITANIUM 2600 foot pump
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