SATA®filter 584®L | 3-stage combination filter - SAT1101716

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SATA®filter 584®L | 3-stage combination filter - SAT1101716

The SATA®filter 584®L | 3-stage combination filter - SAT1101716 is the inline version of the SATA®filter 584® without the air pressure regulator, perfect for pipeline installation.

Product Benefits:

  • Higher absorption of contaminations (compared to SATA filter 484) due to the new sintered activated charcoal filter
  • Synchronized maintenance: Filter maintenance only necessary every 6 months for all stages
  • Maintenance-free bayonet lock with haptic and acoustic feedback
  • Fine filter and activated charcoal filter cartridges fit perfectly by being simply inserted – without screw fittings or additional seals
  • Maintenance-free sealing elements, no o-ring replacement during maintenance
  • Filter package is completely reversible to accommodate different filtration unit locations in booth
  • Line connection optionally left or right
  • Air flow at 6 bar (87psi): 3,800 Nl/min (135 cfm)
  • Improved water cyclone device resulting in a more consistent air flow
  • Standard auto drain feature on models with sintered filter
  • Color coded canisters to match filter colors (yellow; sintered filter, blue; fine filter, black; activated charcoal filter)
  • Improved charcoal filter – new and improved sintered charcoal filter which does not break down as quickly as previous charcoal filter, with an improved replacement schedule of 6 months as opposed to 3 months on the previous model
  • Improvements on filter canister connections providing easier filter replacement
  • 99.998 % technically particle-free air
  • Easily wall mountable

99.998 % technically particle-free air

Filter fineness:

  • Sintered filter: 5 µm (microns)
  • Fine filter: 0.01 µm (microns)
  • 100 % technically particle-free air
  • Activated charcoal filter: oil vapors
  • Air flow at 6 bar (87psi): 3,800 Nl/min (135cfm)

Ambient temperature:

  • 120 °C (240 ° F); with activated charcoal filter up to 60 °C (140 ° F)


  • Air inlet: G 1/2" female thread
  • Air outlet: G 1/2" female thread

Recommended for:

  • solvent-based paints
  • waterborne paints
  • breathing protection equipment

SATA filter 500 series – Flow-optimized cyclone separator

SATA filter 584 | The flow-optimized cyclone separator (defined position), that ensures a constant and uniform air flow as well as an uninterrupted air rotation over a longer distance, minimizes the pressure drop in the system resulting in a notably enhanced separation of particles.