SATA®filter 524®| Single-stage sintered filter - SAT1101659

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SATA®filter 524®| Single-stage sintered filter - SAT1101659

SATA filter 500 series – Flow-optimized cyclone separator

The flow-optimized cyclone separator (defined position), that ensures a constant and uniform air flow as well as an uninterrupted air rotation over a longer distance, minimizes the pressure drop in the system resulting in a notably enhanced separation of particles.

Filter fineness:

  • Sintered filter: 5 µm (microns)
  • Air flow at 6 bar (87psi): 3,800 Nl/min (135cfm)
  • Ambient temperature: 120 °C (240 ° F)
  • Maintenance-free sealing elements
  • Line connection optionally left or right
  • Flow-optimized cyclone separator with enhanced particle separation efficiency (approx. 10%) of particles > 5 µm (microns)
  • CCS color coding of filter housing and filter cartridges for safe maintenance.


  • Air inlet: G 1/2" female thread
  • Air outlet: 1/4" male thread

Recommended for:

  • Gun cleaning equipment
  • prefilter in compressed air circuit