SATA® adam 2 U™ Air Micrometer - Universal - Black - SAT1031731

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SATA® adam 2 U™ Air Micrometer - Universal - Black - SAT1031731

Universal design air micrometer G 1/4 with SATA adam 2 display for all SATA spray guns, dry jet and competitor spray guns. 

Converts any non-digital spray gun to a "DIGITAL" display spray gun. Precise setting and display of the inlet pressure helps ensure perfect color matches. Display can be used on several spray guns. 

The digital pressure gauge SATA® adam 2 U™ allows the exact adjustment of the spray pressure on paint spray guns with an accuracy of +/-0.05 bar (1 psi). Permanent spray pressure control during painting significantly contributes to perfect color matching.


  • Micrometer
  • Dock
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