Polyvance Bumper Stabilizer - URE6076

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Polyvance Bumper Stabilizer - URE6076

Polyvance’s 6076 Bumper Stabilizer is designed to help support today’s large, complex, multi-piece bumpers for easy repair and assembly. The Bumper Stabilizer attaches to your existing scissor stand and provides multiple adjustable anchor spots and bungee cords to precisely support fragile bumper components during assembly or repair. Bumper components can be held in virtually any position, allowing one technician to work on a bumper without the risk of dropping it on the floor and damaging the paint.

Scissor stand, table, and pad are not included.


  • Sturdy, heavy-wall, black oxide coated tubing is made in the USA and designed to attach quickly to one of your shop's existing scissor stands.
  • Six adjustable overhead anchor points are designed to help support today’s multi-piece bumpers to ease assembly and repair operations.
  • Six adjustable bungee cords of various lengths are used with the overhead anchors to secure the bumper to the stand, eliminating the risk of dropping and damaging the bumper.
  • Includes all hardware to attach the Bumper Stabilizer to your scissor stand.


  • Allows you to control the position of the bumper for better technician ergonomics during repair or assembly operations.
  • Eliminates the hassle and cost of dropping a bumper and scratching the paint right before delivery of the vehicle to the customer.
  • Holds the components of multi-piece bumpers closely together to ease their assembly.


  • Bumper stand support structure (requires assembly)
  • 6 Adjustable bungee cords with clips
  • 6 Adjustable anchor points
  • Hardware mounting kit (includes all necessary nuts, bolts, and washers)