Polyvance Bumper Dent Removal Rollers - URE6148

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Polyvance Bumper Dent Removal Rollers - URE6148

Bumpers are often dented or distorted when they suffer a collision. Polyvance’s 6148 Bumper Rollers Kit makes the dent removal process much easier. The Bumper Rollers kit consists of three heavy-duty rollers – one wide and flat, one ball-shaped, and one with a sharp edge which allows you to reshape body lines.

To use the rollers, first heat the bumper with a heat gun to soften the plastic. Once the entire area is too hot to touch, begin pushing with the Bumper Rollers. Use the different rollers to reestablish your body lines, and massage the distortions around the edges of the original dent where the plastic was stretched. You may also use the blunt end of the handle to push the dents as needed. After letting the plastic cool, sand the area with 80 grit in a DA sander to reveal any high and low spots. Heat the bumper if necessary, then continue to work the low spots up and the high spots down to get the profile back. In the end, you should be able to work the dent out with little to no filler.


  • 1 flat, wide roller - for use on large areas
  • 1 round roller - for use on round radiuses
  • 1 roller with a sharp edge - for use on sharp body lines