Polyvance 8001 NITRO-FUZER Nitrogen Plastic Welder, Analog, Dual Gas, No Cart - URE8001

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Polyvance 8001 NITRO-FUZER Nitrogen Plastic Welder, Analog, Dual Gas, No Cart - URE8001

The 8001 Nitro-Fuzer® Nitrogen Plastic Welding System combines a simplified analog nitrogen welder with a traditional airless plastic welder. By combining these welders into one package, it allows you to make nitrogen welds economically to virtually any automotive plastic.

The 8001 Nitro-Fuzer® is a dual gas plastic welder that can be placed on a workbench. It is designed to be used with compressed air and a nitrogen bottle to make the strongest possible welds, or it can be used with the optional Nitrocell Nitrogen Generator for a limitless supply of nitrogen.

This model does NOT have a cart. It is meant to be put on a work table or work station where you will bring the parts to the welder rather than bringing the welder to the part. If you need portability, consider the 8002 as it comes with a cart.

  • Simple controls
  • Manual air-to-nitrogen switching
  • Flow gauge for repeatability
  • Automatic low-flow safety switch
  • Precision flow control
  • Compact, easy-to-handle welding torch gets into tight spots with no user fatigue
  • Quick-change hose with integrated wires allows for field replacement in the unlikely event that the hose needs to be replaced.
  • Integrated airless welder control to allow for repair of thermoset PUR
  • Easily replaceable heating elements.
  • Speed: Complete repairs in a fraction of the time of 2-part adhesives. Weld 4 to 6 inches per minute, then immediately finish, prime, and paint. No waiting for adhesives to cure.
  • Versatility: Do repairs that are not possible with adhesives. Mounting tabs (thick or thin), grille bars, high-stress areas, flexible tabs, and fender liners. Not just for automobile plastics.
  • Cost Savings: An average 6 inch repair costs less than $2.00 when welded. With a 2-part adhesive, you pay more than that just for the mixing tip! The total cost of the same size adhesive repair can be over $40.00!