Excel 6" 21mm Orbital DA Electric Polisher - XL-121

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Excel 6" 21mm Orbital Electric Polisher - XL-121

The Excel #121 da orbital polisher is a professional buffing machine that can be used with minimal skill to produce perfect swirl-free results every time. Paint correction/scratch and swirl removal is now available to the average car enthusiast without the fear of burning, damaging or destroying their custom paint finish. Detail professionals can benefit by saving time generated by the use of a more effective system. Body shop professionals can save money by delegating the finishing step of buffing out a car to a beginner with little experience and still deliver a vehicle without damage, swirls or customer comebacks.


  • DIY - Easy To Use
  • Professional Results
  • Removes Scratches
  • Corrects Imperfections
  • No Swirls or Holograms
  • No burns from paint overheating
  • High torque, cuts working time


  • 21MM Orbit
  • Ergonomic sleek design
  • EZ Start - No delay trigger
  • Constant speed control 1 - 6
  • 2000 TO 4200 OPM
  • 6” Backing plate/ 5” Option
  • Tote bag included