Dent Fix Surge Protector - DF-601A

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Dent Fix Surge Protector - DF-601A

The DF-601A protects electronic components such as ABS, engine management systems, fuel injection systems, radios, alarms and other sensitive electronics. Achieve greater protection by increasing voltage surge protection during mig and spot welding, jump starts, plasma cutting, and other repair applications.

Our unit out performs the rest and gives you greater protection features such as a heavy-duty varistor, not a small diode insuring maximum protection and peace-of-mind. Dent Fix manufactures this product proudly in the USA and we are so confident in the superiority of this product we offer a lifetime warranty.

A red LED indicates that the device is working and correctly connected. If the unit is overloaded or damaged, the light will go out.

Works on 12v and 24v systems. If more than one battery, you will need one Surge Protector on each battery. Do NOT use on Hybrid Vehicles.


  1. Connect battery to terminals
  2. Red to power
  3. Black to ground
  4. Red light will turn on

Please note that DF-601 and 601A are the same product.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -