Dent Fix EZN1G Nitrogen Plastic Welder w/Generator - DF-EZN1G

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Dent Fix EZN1G Nitrogen Plastic Welder w/Generator - DF-EZN1G

The DF-EZN1G EZ Nitro Plastic Welder Generator eliminates the need for refilling nitrogen tanks and has a smaller footprint taking up less space in the shop thanks to its onboard nitrogen generator. The proprietary Flow Adjust Switch Technology (FAST) system makes the DF-EZN1G the easiest nitrogen welder to learn and use. It simplifies nitrogen welding and eliminates flow adjustments by the user. This significantly reduces the time to set up the welder and gets the work done FAST. A high pressure N2 Outlet gives you the ability to attach air-powered tools to the side of the unit. This creates a pneumatic source that is highly mobile and can be used all over the shop (must be with reach of an electric outlet to power the onboard generators).

Equipped with two welders, the DF-EZN1G EZ Nitro Generator incorporates both a nitrogen welding torch and an airless welding torch. The nitrogen torch is air cooled. It is essential to establish and maintain air flow before turning the welder on, and air flow must be maintained until the nitrogen torch cools down. (Usually 10 minutes to cool down after powering down)

The unit comes with plastic rod in various types and sizes to enable the user to weld different types of plastic and different types of damages. Also included is a roll of aluminum tape to hold parts together when welding. The hand seaming tool help shapes, flatten, and insure that repaired flanges and tabs are the correct thickness.

The cart is equipped with a heat gun holster, and a power strip for powering other tools such as the optional digital set heat gun (DF-900HG) and thermal hot stapler (DF-800BR)

The welder uses 110volts and a maximum of 10amps, total consumption is a maximum of 600watts.