Dent Fix AluSpot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station - DF-900DX

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Dent Fix AluSpot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station - DF-900DX

The most complete aluminum repair station “from a name you know and trust” is FORD APPROVED!

The capacitor discharge welder is 110 volt powered. Re-charge time for the capacitors is less than 3 seconds. The ground is on the weld gun itself. This leads to a more successful weld due to the close location. The fact that we have two ground points on either side of the weld gun also leads to a more successful weld rate. And of course when working on a roof or the middle of a hood having to attach separate ground leads can cause extra and unnecessary refinish time.


  • 3 drawer tool cabinet
  • 110V capacitor discharge stud welder 
  • Alu-Magnesium studs
  • Alu-Silicon studs
  • Spitznagel pull fingers
  • Hand T-puller
  • Squeeze puller
  • Leverage puller
  • Bridge puller
  • Stud cut pliers
  • Infrared temperature gauge
  • Digital set temperature heat gun
  • Heat gun holster
  • 3 piece hammer set (steel)
  • 22mm soft face hammer
  • 35mm dead blow hammer
  • Bolster-head nylon chisel
  • Round-head nylon chisel
  • 3 piece steel dolly set
  • Stainless-steel shoe handle brush
  • Stainless-steel tooth brush
  • Inline pneumatic paint remover
  • Fiber Discs
  • Power Strip
  • Body file + 350mm blade
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust cover