Dent Fix Aluminum Hammer Set - DF-AH714

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Dent Fix Aluminum Hammer Set - DF-AH714

The Aluminum Hammer Set, Part #DF-AH714, can help technicians avoid unlike metal cross contamination on aluminum bodied vehicles. Because the lightweight aluminum hammers offer a more forgiving strike compared to heavier steel hammers, users are less likely to damage aluminum body panels.

Genuine hickory oval handles provide a solid base with less chance of breakage.

The three different heads included are the: pick and finishing hammer (40mm round face), curved pein and finishing hammer (40mm round face) and standard bumping hammer (40.5mm round face, 38mm square face).

Each hammer has a red mark on the top of the head to indicate the tools are for aluminum use only. When not in use, the hammers should be stored in the included blow molded case.