Dent Fix 5-Piece Clip Lifter Set - DF-618LK

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Dent Fix 5-Piece Clip Lifter Set - DF-618LK

Removing installation clips just got a whole lot easier. Dent Fix’s 5-Piece Clip Lifter Set transforms clip removal from an unwanted task to completed job in no time. Always improving on our line of legacy tool sets, Dent Fix is now offering the most durable and able clip removal set on the market backed by a lifetime warranty. The five-piece set is intended for removing plastic fasteners, plastic clips, upholstery, or door panels. The thin weighted tips allow for effortless access to delicately separate the fastener from the part reducing the risk of breakage or further damage. Also included in the kit, is a die cut foam drawer organizer to keep the set tidy and accounted for during storage. Individual clips that are included in the set are the following: Angled Clip Lifter (11mm), Half-Round Clip Lifter (5mm), Clip Lifter (7mm), Clip Lifter, and S-Clip Lifter (11mm).

Sold as set and not available individually:
DF-618CJ Angled Clip Lifter
Opening: 11mm

DF-618CM Half-Round Clip Lifter
Opening: 5mm

DF-618CL Clip Lifter
Opening: 7mm

DF-618CN Clip Lifter

DF-618CK S-Clip Lifter
Opening: 11mm

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