3m Stikit Sanding Block Kit - 05692

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3m Stikit Sanding Block Kit - 05692

 The 3M Stikit™ foam sanding block kit contains the top seven most popular blocks. 3M Stikit Hand Sanding Blocks help make sanding easier in difficult locations. These products were designed and manufactured to provide users with comfortable and easy to use tools for their everyday applications. You can use these products with the 3M Sticking Sheet rolls to efficiently complete your repair. They can also be used with 3M Wetordry abrasives. The bright yellow design helps make them easy to find in dusty shop conditions.

Kit Includes:

  • 05693 (1)
  • 05694 (1)
  • 05695 (1)
  • 05672 (1)
  • 15669 (1)
  • 05668 (2)