RGI "Stealth 350" Down Draft Paint Booth

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Breaking the Performance Barrier!

The RGI "Stealth 350" is the highest-performing and most efficient booth that RGI Spraybooths offers. With a 333% increase in horsepower as compared to the "Delta 250" series. This makes the "Stealth 350", RGI's fastest performing paint booth. And don't forget the 60% increase in lighting for that detailed perfection. A 1,000,000 BTU heater is also an option for a 400% increase in productivity as compared to the chemical air dry cycle. Air enters the fully filtered ceiling plenum and is exhausted through the filtered floor plenum.

Heavy Duty Construction:
The RGI "Stealth 350" spray booths are available in 18 or 20-gauge, pre-painted ultra white, single wall non-insulated or double-wall insulated 3" thick panels. Specially engineered panel design allows for easy assembly.

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