SATA Dan-Am Carbon Monoxide Monitor - SAT-X767-PLUS

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SATA Dan-Am Carbon Monoxide Monitor - SAT-X767-PLUS

Manufactured by KWJ engineering to Dan-Am® specifications, the SATA Dan-Am X767-PLUS carbon monoxide monitor provides a high level of safety and reliability for detection of CO for supplied air breathing systems. The instrument housing of the PLUS version has been fitted with RF filters to minimize interference from the recent proliferation of portable radios and cell phones. The X767 utilizes the reliable electrochemical sensor that is unaffected by humidity and is not airflow sensitive. The monitors provide continuous LCD DIGITAL readout of CO levels from 0 to 199 ppm. The units give an audible and visual alarm at 10 ppm. NORMAL and ALARM lights confirm normal operation or indicate a malfunction. An ALARM/SILENCE button allows the user to mute the audible alarm for 4 min while investigating the cause of a high CO indication and taking corrective action. The 767 is provided with 10 ft of air sample tubing used to connect the monitor to the filter unit through a small hole in the spray booth. By connecting the monitor to the filter air outlet it will be sampling air at its cleanest point. The monitor is normally mounted on any convenient surface outside the spray booth. That protects the monitor from overspray and avoids a safety conflict by operating the 110 VAC version in the electrically classified hazardous area. Accessory alarm buzzers are available for shops that require sending an audible alarm to a remote location. Calibration kits are available that contain test gas, tubing with flow meter and regulator. If monitor calibration becomes necessary, simply follow the easy procedure outlined in the instruction manual. OSHA mandates the use of a carbon monoxide monitor when using an oil lubricated compressor as the source of breathing air to the respirator. Manufactured by KWJ engineering to Dan-Am® specifications,


  • Alarm set at 10 ppm with an LCD display
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Internal access with quick release latch
  • Audible and visual alarms for high CO or sensor failure
  • RFI filtered from interference of cell phones, two way radios, etc.
  • LCD digital readout in 1 ppm increments with response time of 10 s to 95%
  • Proven reliable performance electrochemical sensor
  • Calibration recommended every 6 months
  • Powdercoated metal construction


Standard/Approvals: OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134

Specifications Met: Meets 29 CFR 1910.134