TITANIUM Power Tower Floor Pulling Post w/18 Anchors - PPT610-18AGA

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TITANIUM Power Tower Floor Pulling Post - PPT610-18AGA

With a team led by certified welders & hydraulic specialists, Titanium Professional Hydraulics brings over 40 years experience to the collision industry heavy equipment manufacturing process. With over 500 PPT-610 units sold across the USA since 2015, The Panther Power Tower satisfaction rate has produced repeat sales, including multiple units sold to existing customers. Repeat sales only come from high quality design and manufacturing, all from a company you can trust!


  • Height: 6 ft.
  • 10 ton pulling power
  • 10 inch stroke
  • G100 High alloy pull chain 11’ - USA made
  • G70 Anchor chain 6’ - USA made
  • Forged HD slip pulling hook
  • Solid hardened steel chain wheel
  • Smooth pull height positioning
  • Pinless height positioning
  • Schedule 80 seamless pipe
  • Extra thick pipe wall for extreme strength
  • Forged chrome molybdenum chain slot on head for extreme chain locking
  • Standard rams, pump and chain for easy repair or replacement in the future
  • 3 wheels on base for smooth & easy maneuverability
  • Front wheel suspension (no leaning back to move)
  • TITANIUM High speed HD hydraulic foot pedal pump
  • TITANIUM Heavy Duty rebuildable 10 ton ram
  • Includes (18) TITANIUM above ground heavy duty floor anchors w/bolts