TITANIUM "Chief S21 - S21M" Single Acting Replacement Pump - TPH-CH605843

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TITANIUM "Chief S21 - S21M" Single Acting Replacement Pump - TPH-CH605843

New replacement pump for the Chief S21, S21M & TITAN single acting frame machines with pedestal. Proper fitment within the pedestal and correct OEM PSI output for machine. Compare to Chief Pump #605843.


• Single acting high-flow hydraulic pump
• Heavy gauge steel reservoir
• True fluid level sight glass with temperature gauge
• Heavy duty stainless steel handle assembly (tig welded)
• 3 way valve - (1) Power - advance (2) Neutral - hold (3) Release - lower/return
• Built in safety overload valve
• Locking external pressure adjuster for exact PSI settings
• 10,000 PSI
• PSI gauge in oil out port w/14,000 max PSI for PSI spikes
• Return surge cushion valve protects pump from "Release shock"
• 1 HP 10,000 rpm HD electric motor
• 110V 50/60 HZ single phase motor
• Emergency cutoff switch on hand pendant
• Extra long power supply and pendant cord
• 2 gallon reservoir
• Extra large internal pump for high flow at 2 speeds
• Bench tested for proper PSI output
• Filler cap doubles as breather and air vent
• Flow limiter valve included
• Weight with oil: 140 lbs

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