SATA®filter 544®| 2-stage combination filter - SAT1100990

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SATA®filter 544®| 2-stage combination filter - SAT1100990

The SATA®filter 544®double stage sinter filter/fine filter with air pressure regulator and outlet module was designed for those spraying only solvent based product. For fresh air breathing, the SATA Air Vision 5000 carbon set with the charcoal filter must be used.

99.998 % technically particle-free air

Product Benefits:

  • Synchronized maintenance: Filter maintenance only necessary every 6 months for all stages
  • Maintenance-free bayonet lock with haptic and acoustic feedback
  • Fine filter cartridge fit perfectly by being simply inserted – without screw fittings or additional seals
  • Upgrade of a SATA filter 544 to a 584 possible through a simple connector system
  • Maintenance-free sealing elements, no o-ring replacement during maintenance
  • Filter package is completely reversible to accommodate different filtration unit locations in booth
  • Line connection optionally left or right
  • Air regulator placed on air exit side resulting in better air flow and less loss of air efficiency
  • Air flow at 6 bar (87psi): 3,800 Nl/min (135 cfm)
  • Improved water cyclone device resulting in a more consistent air flow
  • Standard auto drain feature on models with sintered filter
  • Color coded canisters to match filter colors (yellow; sintered filter, blue; fine filter)
  • Improvements on filter canister connections providing easier filter replacement
  • 99.998 % technically particle-free air
  • Easily wall mountable
  • SATA adam 2 digital pressure gauge capability

Filter fineness:

  • Sintered filter: 5 µm (microns)
  • Fine filter: 0.01 µm (microns)
  • Air flow at 6 bar: 3,800 Nl/min (87 psi)
  • Ambient temperature: 120 °C (240 ° F)


  • Air inlet: G 1/2" female thread
  • Air outlet: 1/4" male thread

Recommended for:

  • solvent-based paints