Polyvance 8200 NITRO-FUZER Nitrogen Plastic Welder, Digital, Single Gas, No Cart - URE8200

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Polyvance 8200 NITRO-FUZER Nitrogen Plastic Welder, Digital, Single Gas, No Cart - URE8200

The 8200 Nitro-Fuzer® nitrogen plastic welder combines an advanced digital hot air plastic welder with a traditional airless plastic welder. By combining these welders in one package, it allows you to make quality welds to virtually any automotive plastic.

The 8200 is a single gas plastic welder that can be placed on a workbench. Hook up your shop air and start welding right away. Combine it with Polyvance's Nitrocell Nitrogen Generator to make the strongest repairs. The 8200 simplifies plastic welding by using a continuous flow of air (or nitrogen if you have a nitrogen generator).

The 8200 Nitro-Fuzer® is a technologically advanced plastic welder capable of welding virtually any type of plastic. The analog flow gauge, precision flow valve, and digitally encoded temperature controls allow for precise and consistent welds. A pressure sensor shuts off the power to the heating element if the nitrogen pressure drops below a safe level, reducing the likelihood of accidentally overheating the element. The integrated airless welder is used for smoothing welds and is essential for repairing thermoset polyurethane.

The system is shipped completely assembled and requires only a few minutes to set up before use.

  • Digitally encoded temperature controls.
  • LED displays for power setting.
  • Analog flow gauge for repeatable performance every time.
  • Element protection circuitry to help prevent burning out heating elements.
  • Precision flow valve for air flow control.
  • Compact, easy-to-handle, welding torch gets into tight spots with no user fatigue.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive controls.
  • Quick-change hose and handle assembly.
  • Integrated airless welder control to allow for repair of thermoset PUR.
  • Easily replaceable, 550-watt, air/nitrogen heating element.
  • 200 watt airless welder element with ceramic heater core.