Dent Fix AluArc® Arc Welding Station Extended - DF-900ARC/DXE

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Dent Fix AluArc® Arc Welding Station Extended - DF-900ARC/DXE

The DF-900ARC/DXE AluArc Extended is the premier aluminum repair station you have been waiting for, it utilizes the AluArc Welding Unit which is capable welding keys.

The AluArc is a drawn arc-welding unit developed specially for thin aluminum car body panels. The innovative gun is equipped with a high precision linear motor with a digital control, which provides refined synergies for effortless key or stud welding for controlled pulls.

Drawn arc-welding has several advantages over capacitor discharge technology including:

  • Deep repair capabilities
  • Reduction in post repair preparation
  • Excellent reproduction & reliability process
  • No impact on the reverse side of the panel
  • Gas protection prevents contamination of the weld
  • Closer key fitment for stronger pulling capabilities

The AluArc’s gun is equipped with a linear motor that provides two independently adjustable grounds and superior control of the welding cycle.

The user experience is effortless thanks to the digital interface that is both intuitive and functional providing two welding modes:

  • Synergic Mode factory pre-established programs and
  • Manual Mode which provides personalized settings.

AluArc Extended DF-900ARC/DXE includes the following:

  • Inline Pneumatic Paint Remover & Fiber Discs
  • Stainless-steel Shoe Handle Brush & Tooth Brush
  • Digital set temperature Heat Gun & Infrared Temperature Gauge
  • 110v drawn arc-welding unit capable of weld pins and studs
  • Alu-Magnesium & Alu-Silicon weld keys
  • Sample weld keys
  • 5 Drawers
  • Hand T-Puller, Squeeze Puller, Lever Puller, & Bridge Puller
  • Body File + 350mm Blade, Stud Cutter, & Safety Glasses
  • Solid Aluminum Head Hammers: Pick/Finishing (40mm round face), Curved Pein (40mm round face), & Standard Bumping (40.5mm round face, 38mm square face).
  • Stainless Steel High Polished Hammers: Pick/Finishing, Curved Pein/Finishing, & Reverse-Curve
  • 2mm Soft Face & 35mm Dead Blow Hammer
  • Nylon Chisels: Bolster-Head & Round-Head (2)
  • Nylon Dollies: Double-End (2), Bolster-Head, Crease Alignment Tool, Profile Arranging Block, Hand Fist + Curved, Large, Regular, General Purpose, Block, Curved, & Wedge.
  • Red Heat Gun Holder
  • In-cabinet power strip
  • Dust Cover
  • 5 year warranty
  • Components proudly made in the USA


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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