Uni-ram Wall Mount Solvent Manual Gun Cleaner - UM80S

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Uni-ram Wall Mount Solvent Manual Gun Cleaner - UM80S

• Solvent under high pressure flows, at the press of a button, to thoroughly clean the paint passage in less than 30 seconds.

• The outside of the gun can be cleaned with a flowthrough brush and dried with a blow gun (both included).

• Locating the compact UM80S inside the spray booth saves time because the gun can remain connected to the air line and the painter can remain in the booth; the paint channel is flushed while the paint is still "wet".

• For use with solvent based paints only. • For use in the spray booth or in the general shop area.

• Ideal for cleaning PPS and other disposable cup adapters.

• Cleaning tools - nozzle for cleaning paint passage, pad to clean cap, flow-through brush to clean exterior of gun and blow gun to dry paint passage and exterior.

• Non-corrosive stainless steel cleaning tank.