Uni-ram Waterborne Automatic Spray Gun Cleaner - UA400W

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Uni-ram Waterborne Automatic Spray Gun Cleaner - UA400W

• High pressure water flows through 14 nozzles to wash paint from the paint passage and exterior of the spray gun. Pressing the rinse button, rinses the gun with fresh water. For drying, use blow gun.

• Designed to clean disposable cup adapters like PPS as well as conventional cup systems.

• Designed for use with Uni-ram's water cleaner, AQUA-KLEEN. This cleaner, which comes with the unit, effectively cuts and disolves paint, enhancing the cleaning power of water.

• Automatic and manual cleaning. The automatic cleaning cycle consists of wash, rinse with fresh water, drying by Blow Gun.

• Flow-through Brush manually cleans exterior of gun. Brush is activated by a foot pedal. • Top loading; cleans 2 guns.

• Non-corrosive components; stainless steel cleaning tank.

• Powered by Uni-ram's dual diaphragm pump that pumps at 2 gal per minute capacity. • Complete with pressure regulator.

• 1 Year parts and labor warranty; 2 year exchange warranty on pump